Parasite - Movie Poster
Movie Poster of oscar-winning Korean movie Parasite
Pinterest - Moodboard feature
UI and prototype of a moodboard feature for Pinterest.
Vidas pretas importam
Artwork for the fight against racism all over the world.
Versa - Gravel Bike
Visual identity for Sense Versa, a Gravel Bike for Brazilian Market.
Peaky Blinders - Poster Design
Illustrated poster inspired by Peaky Blinders Season 5.
GammaERP - Logo Design
Logo design for ERP software.
Scalebis - Scale Simulator App
Visual identity, Logo Design and Design System for Scale simulator App
GT Engenharia - Logo & Identity System
Logo Design and Identity System for GT Engenharia.
Sense Bike Carbon Bikes 2019
"Burn my skin"
Photo manipulation inspired by the song "Queima minha Pele" por Baco Exu do Blues
Graphic project to celebrate Women's History Month.
Visual art in memory of Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Personal Brand - Thiago Vinhal
Personal Branding for Triathlon Athlete Thiago Vinhal
Visual identity for the Brazilian Podcast "PodicrĂȘ!"
Sense Portfolio // Highlights
Highlights from my portfolio while i was working at Sense's Design Team.
Mestres da fisiologia
Visual identity for a super group of Master's degree in physical education and Nutrition.
Diniz - Logo Design and Identity System
Logo Design and Visual identity system for Diniz - Branding and visual Design
Z11 - Design & Marketing
Visual Identity for Z11 Design & Marketing.
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